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there is actually nothing worse than the prices of plane tickets

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elizabethcomstock asked: Hi Ally! If I remember right you and Jack were in this long distance relationship, correct? Well if so then do you have any tips on handling ldrs? Thanks :)


First thing’s first: Don’t over think it. When Jack and I first started dating, everything seemed fine, but after that six-month mark hit, I began to fret. I thought that we’d never see each other or that he didn’t want to see me as terribly as I wanted to see him or that the distance would eventually get the better of us. If you begin thinking like that, don’t hold it in. Communication is so important in any relationship, LDRs included. If you have doubts, talk to your partner about it.

Another thing is you should never let the distance get in-between you two doing something fun. Jack lives in England and I live in the United States, but that doesn’t stop us. We are at an advantage because we have games, of course, but I encourage even non-gamers to try it out. Download Steam! You can find loads of F2P games through Steam. Or if you have a bit of money swag and don’t mind dropping some of it, buy a fun co-op multiplayer game! And it doesn’t even have to be multiplayer. Jack and I play through loads of single-player games together.

Don’t like gaming? You’re good. WATCH ALL THE TELEVISION. How do you watch TV together, you ask? Simple! Download a media player (I recommend VLC), then download your show, open the file, countdown from three, and then press play at the same time and voila! You are officially watching television together.

Jack and I have watched shows that I truly believe I never would have watched had I not been in an LDR. Some have been bad, sure, but even that’s fun because it gives you something to laugh about. And the good ones give you hours of conversation. Jack and I could talk about our Game of Thrones theories for day on end without getting bored.

If you like anime, then thumbs up because there is enough anime out there to keep you busy for years. Don’t like anime? Give it a shot. It’s fun and gives you both something to do.

Jack and I have recently started reading “together” before we go to sleep. An hour-ish before he’s about to knock out, I grab my Kindle and I just read to him. We’re currently on Mockingjay. Afterward, we are moving onto the Divergent trilogy. Again, much like TV and anime, books will keep you occupied until forever.

Start a blog or a webpage together, help each other learn another language using online resources, take free online classes with one another, take pictures of everything that happens in your life and share them so that you create a feeling of living close by, take *ahem* advantage *ahem* of Skype’s free video calling.

There are so so so many things you can do with a long-distance relationship. The best advice I can offer is that you should never let distance get between you two. If you both want it to work out, it will.

  • friends: *kisses someone they love at 12am*
  • me: *caresses my laptop*

About Us: simplified

-From Upper-Western NY
-I’ve gone to school for animal management, interned at my local zoo, aquarium, primate sanctuary, and vet hospitals. 
-I want to go back for my bachelor’s or perhaps a Vet Tech degree/certification. I haven’t fully decided yet.

-From Dallas, TX
-Worked for a computer repair/service center
-Wants to go to school to become a BMET.

Fun facts
-Our anniversary is June 25th, 2009. 
-We just hit our 4.5 year anniversary on Christmas
-We’ve had 5 visits in the passed 5 years, one was extended.
-We have spent roughly 321 days physically together (not even a full year!) 
-Our song is Lucky- by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
-His mom and my dad were completely against us at first, but they’re 100% passed that now. 
-We were each other’s first kiss.
-We hope to eventually settle down in NY.
-Our favorite thing to say to each other is “I love you, smile!” :)
-My favorite moment with Andrew was going on vacation with him and his family in Utopia, Texas. It was when I first met them all, and I felt very accepted right away. 
-I can’t wait to make more memories like that <3


Still into you - Paramore


Still into you - Paramore


Here’s an excerpt from the really long post about our story, explaining what’s been going on with Andrew and I for the passed year, and the complications we’re currently faced with. Any thoughts or insight from other long-distance couples is absolutely appreciated. x

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It’s been a long time since I properly maintained and updated this blog, but after feeling very down and depressive tonight, I’ve updated our info section~

I miss him more than I can put into words…



I just wanna c_ddle, but I cant cause I’m missing u

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